Die Geschichte vom Zappel-Adolf

Zappel-Adolf 1

Let me see if Adolf can Be a little gentleman; Let me see if he is able To sit still for once at table: Uncle Sam said: Boy! Behave!Aunt Britannia looked grave. It’s really too bad, (T)he fidgety lad; He wriggles And jiggles, (A)nd then I declare, (S)wings backwards and forwards And tilts up his chair Just like any rocking horse; Adolf! We are getting cross! Zappel-Adolf 2

See the naughty restless child Growing still more rude and wild, (T)ill his chair falls over quite. Adolf screams with all his might Catches at the cloth, but then That makes matters worse again. Down upon the ground they fall Glasses, plates, knives, forks and all Auntie B. did fret and frown When she saw them tumbling down! Uncle Sam made such a face! Adolf is in sad disgrace.

Zappel-Adolf 3

Where is Adolf, where is he? Fairly covered up you see! Cloth and all are lying on him; He has pulled all down upon him. All the onions, cheese and fruits Muddled up with Adolf’s boots! Table all so bare, and see! Uncle Sam and Auntie B. Look quite cross, and wonder how Auntie’ll make her dinner now. As for Adolf, there’s no doubt He must go to bed without.

Aus: Philip & Robert Spence, Struwwelhitler: A Nazi Story Book by Dr. Schrecklichkeit, London 1941, S. 18 - 22.

Gute Diagnose! Inzwischen auch wissenschaftlich bestätigt von Dr. Gerd C. Teschke.

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