The Naturgesetz of HGL

No! This is not a picture! This is reality!

Snail On Wheels. Foto: Herbert Bishko


Never underestimate the bandwidth capacity of a snail on wheels! - Yossi Vardi (more laws at the end…](http://www.notes.co.il/benbasat/10991.asp))

Novel new data transfer system was launched recently in a unique experiment being held in KinnerNet 2005 camp (an Israeli internet camp, modeled after Tim Oreilly’s Foo camp). The experiment conceived and run by a group of Israeli Internet addicts, including Yossi Vardi (former ICQ chairman), Shimon Schocken (computer scientist) and Ami Ben Bassat (science writer).

The system called SNAP (SNAil-based data transfer Protocol), uses biological carriers, and, for the first time, taking advantages of the unique merits of the wheel for data transfer.

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