07:20 a.m.\tWake up 07:25 a.m.\tClean teeth and wash face 07:30 a.m.\tGive Toby food and water 07:40 a.m.\tHave breakfast 08:00 a.m.\tPut school clothes on 08:05 a.m.\tPack schoolbag 08:10 a.m.\tRead book or watch video 08:32 a.m.\tCatch bus to school 08:43 a.m.\tGo past tropical fish shop 08:51 a.m.\tArrive at school 09:00 a.m.\tSchool assembly 09:15 a.m.\tFirst morning class 10:30 a.m.\tBreak 10:50 a.m.\tArt class with Mrs. Peters 12:30 p.m.\tLunch 01:00 p.m.\tFirst afternoon class 02:15 p.m.\tSecond afternoon class 03:30 p.m.\tCatch school bus home 03:49 p.m.\tGet off school bus at home 03:50 p.m.\tHave juice and snack 03:55 p.m.\tGive Toby food and water 04:00 p.m. \tTake Toby out of his cage 04:18 p.m.\tPut Toby into his cage 04:20 p.m.\tWatch television or video 05:00 p.m.\tRead a book 06:00 p.m.\tHave tea 06:30 p.m.\tWatch television or video 07:00 p.m.\tDo maths practice 08:00 p.m.\tHave a bath 08:15 p.m.\tGet changed into pajamas 08:20 p.m.\tPlay computer games 09:00 p.m.\tWatch television or video 09:20 p.m.\tHave juice and a snack 09:30 p.m.\tGo to bed

Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, London 2003, pp. 155-156.

Ach und och! Manchmal möchte ich einfach nur so richtig Asperger haben. Alles müsste in Ordnung sein.

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