323 _19.11.07 Dafür, dass sie Megan Meier (13), als süßer Junge getarnt, in MySpace, so perfide beschimpften, dass sie sich erhängte, fühlen sich ein Mädchen und ihre Mutter in Dardenne Prairie (USA) ein bisschen schuldig, aber nicht sehr. ??blick)??

MySpace-Profilbild,Megan Meier, Augenbalken, Spiegel Online (Spiegel)

Magan Meier, kein Augenbalken, YouTube (YouTube)

As for 13-year-old Megan [Meier], of Dardenne Prairie, this is how she expressed who she was:

M is for Modern E is for Enthusiastic G is for Goofy A is for Alluring N is for Neglected.

She loved swimming, boating, fishing, dogs, rap music and boys. But her life had not always been easy, her mother [Tina] says.

She was heavy and for years had tried to lose weight. She had attention deficit disorder and battled depression. Back in third grade she had talked about suicide, Tina says, and ever since had seen a therapist. (St. Charles Journal)

Das ist die Welt, in der wir leben müssen. Bad bad news. Sad sad day.

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