Ur-Hagel-Körner III :: Sir Alexander Crichton (1763-1856)

 Alexander Crichton: An inquiry into the nature and origin of mental derangement, 1798

Attention -> Mental Restlessness

The incapacity of attending with a necessary degree of constancy to any one object, almost always arises from an unnatural or morbid sensibility of the nerves, by which means this faculty is incessantly withdrawn from one impression to another. It may be either born with a person or it may be the effect of accidental diseases. …

… When born with a person it becomes evident at a very early period of life, and has a very bad effect, inasmuch as it renders him incapable of attending with constancy to any one object of education. But it seldom is in so great a degree as totally to impede all instruction; and what is very fortunate, it is generally diminished with age. …

… In this disease of attention, if it can with propriety be called so, every impression seems to agitate the person, and gives him or her an unnatural degree of mental restlessness. People walking up and down the room, a slight noise, in the same, the mowing a table, the shutting a door suddenly, a flight excess of heat or of cold, too much light or too little light, all destroy constant attention in such patients, inasmuch as it is easily exited by every impression. …

… When people are affected in this manner, which they very frequently are, they have a particular name for the state of their nerves, which is expressive enough of their feelings. They say they have the fidgets.

Aus: Alexander Crichton, An inquiry into the nature and origin of mental derangement : comprehending a concise system of the physiology and pathology of the human mind and a history of the passions and their effects, London 1798, S. 271f.

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